Water Droplets Tutorial

My wife went back to Manila for a vacation and to study make up artistry to suplement my hobby. Now I have more time to play around with the water in the kitchen without my wife nagging me about the pirex plate being played around. Don’t worry baby ill take care of this đŸ™‚

So this shot is inspired by the Strobist article a few months ago.

The equipments used

White transparent chopping board
White pyrex plate
Plastic for the water
2 580 EX II gelled
Canon ST-E2 to trigger my flash
Tamron 70-200 f2.8 Macro lens
Canon 5d MK II

I hanged the plastic bag on top of the exhaust fat and check where the water is dropping. I placed a marker (tip of the spoon or knife) on the spot and pre focused the area. I turned the focusing on manual so that everytime I pressed the shutter it wont find a focus again. Oh by the way my exposure was 1/200 and f8 and had my ISO at 50. I was shooting on manual mode as well. I chose to used 1/200 to slightly kill the ambient light.

Here are some of the results.

You can visit my flickr set here as well.


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