On the spot Strobing on Savilles ’09

Originally uploaded by Jun Madayag

This shot was taken with Canon 5D Mark II and one Canon 580 EX II triggered with Pocketwizard Flex tt5 and Mini TT1. This boy was playing rugby with his father around 2pm. We were watching a Savvilles Corporate Rugby Game and I was so bored as hell and wanted to do some strobist shot on my colleagues team. They were all busy warming up and cant get one to pose so and when I saw my colleague’s kid playing with his pup I took the opportunity to have one.

I asked the father to hold the flash top above subject’s face on camera axis (sort of a spotlight) and used these settings straight away.
Exposure: 0.005 sec (1/200)
Aperture: f/22.0
Focal Length: 27 mm
ISO Speed: 200
I was guessing the sun (behind the subject) is around f11 so I used f22 to underexpose it. Why f11? Hmmmm I dunno… well I heard about the sunny 16 rule, the sun being at f16 at high noon and it was around 2pm , I think, when i took this. The sky was a little cloudy as well so I was guessing the ambient light was slightly lower than f16 and i guessed f11.

The shot came out great but I thought of putting a little more PP. His mom and dad liked it and asked for the print 🙂 Darn I should have made this a paid shoot 🙂


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