Interacting With Models

One of the hard aspect I learned and still learning  in photography, specially  for budding photographer like me, is interacting with models.  This is something that cannot be learned by just reading articles  in the internet or reading books.   I think a more reasonable approach in learning this is to actually be there either as an apprentice or as a shooter and experience it yourself.

I remembered my experience when I got invited for the first time to shoot a model in Manila. I didn’t know what to expect. All I know was I will get a chance to shoot a model.   I got more excited when my photog friend told me that it was going to be a lingerie shoot.  Little did I know that it takes more than just shooting a subject to achieve a great shot.  Here are a few of the shots I took in that session.

Pre planning,  scouting for location, lighting, equipments, these are just  few of the headaches that a photog needs to deal with in preparing for a shot.   One more important think to be learned is on how to deal with with the model.  How to make them feel at ease and relax to establish a rapport.

Here’s a link that gives you tips and guides on how to deal with models on a model’s perspective.

This site also gives some tip on how to shoot in different lighting conditions.


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