My Go to Site

I have been thought in the net.

I have always been asked where and how did I learn how to shoot.  I have always been a self thought photographer and I think there is a vast knowledge that can be learned over  the net.  But of course coupled with a lot of practice.  So I thought of sharing my go to sites.

For learning:

Strobist This site promotes, among other things, the use of off camera flash.

Lighting Essentials This site is dedicated to photographic lighting.  It has tutorials, online workshops and assignments.  It also has page for Models called Model Behavior.

ZA This site is owned by Zack Arias, an Atlanta based photographer that runs the One Light Workshop.

Squeeze The Line This site is run by Belgian photographers Bert Stephani and Pieter Van Impe.  They have cool on the spot videos on how they shoot.

Digital Photography School This was my first go to site when I was starting.  Anything I want to know I check on this site.  It covers Tips and Tricks, Post Processing and Camera Equipments discussions.

Well that’s it for now and let me know if you have other sites or video sites that are great resource.


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