Time for Fireworks Photography

By junmadayagphotography

December 26, 2009

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New Year is just a few days away and for sure there are some of you photogs out there who are planning to shoot some fireworks so I thought of posting my own tips.


SLR Camera (preferably with Bulb function)


-Shutter release/remote

-Black cardboard

1.  Mount camera in a tripod.

2. Use Shutter release cable or remote to trigger the camera

3. My working aperture is around f8-11.  I prefer to use wide angle lens for this kind of shot and setting it to its widest angle  and place the focus on infinity and manual.

4. Set your shooting mode to Bulb mode.

Before opening your shutter  or shooting place your black cardboard in front of  the lens to cover it from capturing when you open your shutter.  Now press your shutter release to open.   If you want to capture the light trails remove the black cardboard to capture the trail then cover it again with the cardboard.  After the first bang remove again the black cardboard cover to capture the burst.  Then release your shutter to save the image.   Timing is of the essence in capturing beautiful fireworks and it takes a lot of practice.  Hope to see your shots soon!

Happy New Year!!


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