Michelle and Kiana at Parkview Hong Kong

By junmadayagphotography

February 28, 2010


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This shoot has been planned since December last year when I met Michelle through Boyet and Dina.    The weather during the shoot was awful.  It was so humid and the surrounding area where we planned to  shoot was too foggy.  Michelle was so worried that we might not be able to get some great photos and Kiana, the daughter, was also not feeling well one or two days before the shoot.

Just to be safe I decided to take some photos inside the house and after an hour or so we went out and tried to do some  outside portraits.   Here are some of the photos for preview.

For this photo I used the large window light as the main light camera left and added a reflector on cam right as a fill light.

For this photo I used Elinchrom Ranger Quadra  with bare reflector.  I used the scrim on the round silver reflector and let the light pass through the scim to make it a big soft light source just above cam right.

If I did not use any filter for the light the shadows would become to edgy and hard.

This is a very simple lighting set up.  I used 580 EX II on a 45″ Wescott shoot through umbrella camera left and a silver reflector just below the subject as fill light.  The off camera flash was triggered by another 580 Ex II on camera on ETTL mode and I think I was shooting on AV mode on my Canon 5D Mark II.


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