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March 29, 2010

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Originally uploaded by Jun Madayag

Had dinner with Manuel Librodo, a Master Photographer in Natural Light, last night with Kharu a freelance model and a stylist in Manila.

If you have not seen Librodo’s work yet visit his site at Pbase and you will be amazed on how he turns his photo into a work of art.

Kharu is very famous around Photographers in Manila and some parts of Asia. If you have come accross photographer’s that has worked wih Manny, most likely Kharu’s name will pop up.

Kharu is a mix Spanish Filipina ( I know there is one more just cant remember) that works closely with Manny. I have always wondered why she was sought of by Filipino Photographers attending Manny’s Workshop. Now I know. After dinner we decided to do some snapshots at Two International Finance Center in Hong Kong. It got me excited as Kharu started doing her graceful poses and this was just for fun. You’ll totally get blown away by her beauty and grace. I would really love to work with her soon hopefully and I was so lucky to take a couple of shots of her.

For lighting on the photo above: Two 580 EX II on ETTL triggered by another 580 EX II on Cam with ring light adabper at +1/3 for fill.


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