Hong Kong Engagement – Ting and Mike

By junmadayagphotography

March 18, 2011

Category: Engagement


God has a special  way of bringing two lives  together.  Ting and Mike were working on the same company before but never met there.  They met in the church where  they are both actively involved to.  I am so happy Ting and Mike chose me to shoot their engagement photo.  This is actually my first on this genre as most of my shoot are family.  This year I have committed myself to take bookings for engagement.  Weddings?.. maybe intimate ones….

Weather that day was overcast. It was not a perfect sunny day but it was just where I want my ambient light is. I did not plan to shoot with so many lighting gears with me as I wanted to get a natural look on my output. My wife, Joanne, did her fabulous job in doing the make up for Ting and my photographer friend Michael Loh was there to assist me. Joanne and I started out early as I needed to give Joanne two hours for the hair and make up.

Here are few of the photos that I like.

Seimour Place.  Ting wanted to have some shots in front of her place.  She particularly likes the brick background.

While Ting is having her make up done I asked Mike to have a few shots with me first just to get him comfortable in front of the lens. He was a bit embarrass posing in front of the building with people passing around. He said he doesn’t mind posing with Ting but alone kinda makes him feel uncomfortable. I assured him that It will only take a few minutes and photos will look great.

This last of the series is one of my favorite. It gives a feeling of editorial like shoot. Not a perfect sharp photo but I love the timing how it was shot.

Our second location was IFC. We originally did not plan to shoot here but during my ocular inspection the light on this particular place was inviting.

Pier 9. This is a special place for Ting and Mike. This is where Mike professed his love for Ting.

See more of the photos on the Slideshow below or check out the gallery here

Have a great day!


2 Responses to “Hong Kong Engagement – Ting and Mike”

  1. Oh wow! Amazing shots! Love the angles. Plus I’m sure you directed them… great job! 🙂

    How come you came across my page just now? 😥 But if I go back to HK, I’ll definitely let you know. 🙂

  2. Hi Farah thank you! Hope to see you in HK soon!

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