What I do before the shoot

By junmadayagphotography

March 29, 2011

Category: Personal

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I admit I need vitamins to improve my memory.  Every time I go on a shoot I always make sure I prepare all my stuff at least two days before so as not to forget anything in the last minute.

1. Have all my batteries charged for the flash and camera

2. Zero in my camera settings

3. Format my CF cards

4. Pack them in my Think Tank

These are the 4 most important thing I do.  For family shoot that requires less gear I only use my Shootsac Lens Bag.  It can carry three lens in front and another three compartments at the back where you can put your flash CF cards and other small items that you might need for the shoot.  I like this bag as it doesn’t look like for the purpose.

I do these all the time after one shoot where I have carried all my lighting equipment and when we reached the location I just realized by camera bag wasn’t with me.  Good thing it wasn’t for a client shoot and the location was 5 minutes running away (one way!).

What’s  your worst experience?


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