Learning from Beginner for Beginners

By junmadayagphotography

April 11, 2011

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When you were starting  in photography how did you learn your way through the technical stuff?

I have bought a lot of books that are now left on my bookshelf that was opened once or twice.  I have paid membership to forums so I could get free advice from members and get free learning materials and videos.  I have paid DVD’s on-line from famous photographers just to learn their craft.  These were the pains and how expensive I went through just to learn.  It was the passion that drove me to learn.

Last weekend I concluded my first Workshop for Off Camera Flash Photography.  I was targeting 10 participants but was able to book 8.  It wasn’t bad.  I discussed the technical issues such as Aperture Shutter Speed ISO and Flash to Subject Distance and how these variables affect each other.  We had sample shoots during the lecture just to reinforce the learning and after lunch we had the whole afternoon shooting.

Most of the participants were photo enthusiast who had purchased their gear (slr. flash, diffusers) and does not have any idea where to start.   We started the workshop with boring lecture for two hours then shoot.

How would I gauge if they learned?  Most of them just started and never had any experience shooting with strobes.  Might as well ask the participants from my facebook page (junmadayagphotography@hotmail.com)

Will post some photos soon.

Have a great day!


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