Controlling the Ambient Light with Shutter Speed

Most of the time people get intrigued on how photographers turns ambient light into a dark moody scene.  Ambient light are the continuous light from the sky, room light, lamp etc.

In photography, shutter speed controls the exposure of ambient light.  The faster your shutter speed the less exposure it will be and vise versa.  Just to show an example on how this works is from these series of photos taken at my place where the constant variable are the Aperture, ISO, Flash Power and Flash to Subject Distance.

From these series of photos, notice how the exposure of the flash remains unaffected as I change the shutter speed.  That is because the flash exposure to the subject is controlled by another variable and will post that on another time.

Oh by the way if you’re using Off Camera Flash on manual your shutter speed is only limited to your camera’s SYNC SPEED.  So be sure to consult your manual.

Have a great weekend!!


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