Dona Degamo CD Album Cover

Dona is a Filipina working in Hong Kong as a domestic help.  She recently won in a singing competition for the Superstar Search in 2010 which is the biggest singing competition for Filipinos held in Hong Kong last year organized by a local financing company Prime Credit.

Dona’s love for music started when she was a kid.  Dona said, during her one on one question,  she nearly dropped her passion because of problems in the family.  She is a registered nurse in the Philippines but due to lack of opportunities at home she decided to risk and moved to Hong Kong to work as a domestic help.  She is currently pursuing her licensure here in Hong Kong.

As part of her prize for the Singing Competition she will be given a CD album with the three songs she sang during the competition.  She also won several prizes from different sponsors and an exciting duet with a Philippine Pop Princess  Ms. Sarah Geronimo.

Personally, when ever I hear stories about people becoming successful in spite of all the hardships in life, It gives me lump on the throat and tears.

We’re proud of you Dona!


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