Modern Pin Up and Fashion for Danielle

By junmadayagphotography

May 12, 2011

Category: Beauty, Portrait

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I have been waiting for this shoot for a month to happen.  Danielle, who is a stage actress for Mickey Production in HK Disney,  asked me a few months ago to shoot some photos of her to be used on her website.      I have worked with Danielle before when I was just starting.

We have originally planed to do three look for these session.  Natural Light, Beauty Shoot, Dancing and Pin Up.  We ended up doing Fashion and Pin Up with three looks.   For fashion I wanted to create a look like she is bathed with Natural Light behind a glass door so we placed a fake door on the right of the model and made it a main light and another soft box on the front left of the model as  a fill light.   I was still getting too much shadow on her left side so I decided to put a large silver reflector to lift some details on her left side.     Here is one of the final result.

For the Pin Up we did not really have the props and the proper dress like the classic ones so we decided to create our Modern Pin Up look using whatever we can. These are just two of the ones I edited for preview.


I hope you guys like it! If you have any comments or suggestion just post your comments.


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