Ruchika+Harish E Session Hong Kong

By junmadayagphotography

October 3, 2011

Category: Engagement

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Ruchika and Harish planned this shoot two months ago. During our pre consultation meeting we had identified different places to shoot and it was quite a walk from location to location. I have set the couple’s mind on how warm it could be walking around HK in summer and they were up for it. Ironically it rained but we managed to capture great images.

We divided the session into two. One for night shoot with the Hong Kong’s great sky line and second a day shoot.

While my wife, Joanne, was busy finishing up Ruchika’s make up I invited Harish to go out for a solo shot. He warned me that he was a camera shy and might not look good. I only said

” most guy I shot who tell’s me they are camera shy usually turns out to be camera friendly ”

and so here it goes…

In the evening we took the streets of Central Hong Kong and took some of these Images

And these are my favorite of the second day.

and for the magazine look

These are all straight out of the cam. I hope you guys enjoyed it.


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